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All About Automated Internet Sales Systems

Automated Internet Sales Systems is the latest buzz word being used on the internet describing online business opportunities that run on "auto pilot". Do you really think online sales is that easy, or even works?

We refer to Automated SYSTEMS a lot in our reviews on this site.

So, here's a description of what we mean by automated systems.

You just might be shocked at what we are going to tell you.

If you are reading this, you are either brand new to online sales and are looking for the right work at home business that ideally takes very little of your time, but also earns you the most money. OR...sadly, you may be already in an online program that you believed would have you leaving your "job" in a few weeks, but are still spinning your wheels trying to make your first sale.

Either way, this review of automated internet sales systems should help you make the right decisions.

Near the end of this review we offer a secret as to why automated systems is essential to your online success, so please read through as we wouldn't want you to miss out on what took us a couple years to locate and master!

One thing we want to stress before we go any further.

There is a lot of "hype" and nonsense on the net telling us all why most people fail in their businesses.

We feel there are 3 main POSSIBLE reasons people fail:

1. SYSTEM: some systems can be no good. But keep in mind one thing. Most programs, websites, etc. are designed to make sales. Why would anyone create a website or program that does not "convert" a prospect to a customer? You may join one of these and see others making sales, but you are not. Why is that? There is a good reason why many people end up calling these systems scams. Read on...

2. YOU? A lot of programs try to put the blame on you. You aren't working hard enough, you aren't committed to your business, you don't have the millionaire mindset, yada yada yada. Let me tell YOU something. I know you have what it takes. The fact that you are reading this and searching the net to better yourself says you DO have what it takes. So then, why do so many people fail?

Drum roll please.......

3. TRAFFIC: Yes traffic is key. Assuming YOU have what it takes and most programs are designed to convert people to sales, then the problem MUST be you just don't know how to generate enough quality targeted traffic. You end up chasing all kinds of traffic systems that your programs may tell you to do, and in the end you run out of money, or just get totally frustrated and give up. You might also think your program is a scam. Keep in mind there are some people in that same program that are making a ton of money. Again...the secret of online's all about how to market and traffic. Make sense?

My recommendation is to FIRST learn traffic generating methods before you buy any business opportunity.

We suggest list builders when you are brand new as they are the easiest to COPY; then once you see how traffic works you can add blogs, or review websites for advanced traffic methods.

Here's the link for List Building Review TRAFFIC methods that we highly recommend.

Another way to get your traffic started is to hire a professional PPC (pay per click) traffic management service. YES this is a minor added cost to your business start up, BUT it will be money well spent. While you let the pros handle getting customers for you, you can LEARN the whole online prospecting, and sales closing process.

We offer a very turnkey system where your traffic is managed for you by a gentleman that does this for a living, a very automated system of web pages that close your prospects to sales, so you can really set back and "over see" the whole process.

When you have learned the parts you feel comfortable with, just jump in. Or maybe you'll like making sales while "others" more or less run your business.

I really wanted to pass that along as my recommendation for the day to you.

It is not easy buying a costly online program, then try to generate traffic fast enough so that you start to make sales to at least break even. Most people will go in the hole and without some sound guideance they will decide to quit just to minimize the money they are losing.

Quite honestly the people that you see making the big bucks probably failed just like you (assuming you have :) ) and they stuck it out long enough to learn some method of traffic generation that finally got them actually making sales in their new program so that they saw profitability sooner than later.

I hope that side track was back to my automated systems discussion:

The basic idea of an automated online system is the SYSTEM does most of your "selling". So, what exactly do we mean by "SYSTEM"?

The system is typically your lead capture web page that you advertise to get prospects to take a look at your business opportunity. This lead capture page is designed to get a prospect interested in your business program, and then sign up for free information on your business.

The next part of your automated system, is often a flash movie or audio that your prospect watches where the business is further explained. This movie is designed to educate your prospect on the business opportunity, and in many cases, it is powerful enough to create a sale right there on the spot! Are you starting to get a hint of what "automated" is all about?

The final touch of a well designed automated internet sales system is a followup method, which is often done with e-mails that are sent to each of your prospects. These e-mails are also designed to further explain the business to your prospect, and further educate them on the business opportunity.

The key word is "educate", NOT sell. No one likes to be sold!

Statistics tell us that most people require 5-7 exposures to any product, service or business opportunity before they make a decision to make a purchase.

What if we told you, you can have followup e-mails sent out automatically to each prospect? Using an autoresponder to send these e-mails out for you is what provides the finishing touches to a well crafted, sales generating automated system.

So, now you have your system in place: a lead capture web page to capture your prospects name and e-mail address, then a flash movie to educate them on the business opportunity, followed by an e-mail followup system that automatically sends out a series of powerful informational e-mails to quickly turn those prospects into paying customers.

What if we told you our system closes our sales to customers who we don't ever speak to! Yes, they buy our program strictly based on the "automated system and presentation" that we use. Are you seeing the possibilities and why automated is the way to go?

Think about it though. Isn't the best sale one where you did not feel sold?

Don't you buy based on the merits of the product?

Don't you think most people online are savy shoppers and do their due dilligence before they buy?

Well, that is why our program works do well. People are educated on the program enough so their concerns are very small as to whether the business will work.

Now, here's the secret of why automated systems are the key to success in online businesses.

If you can trust your system to sort through the hundreds of prospects you will drive to your lead capture page, you don't need to do any cold calling, or any "high pressure" sales closing that most of us just aren't any good at.

This leaves your time wide open to do the most important part of any business, especially online businesses.

You can devote most of your time to generating traffic using many free or paid advertising methods. Remember, if you have an automated system doing the "selling" and closing of your sales, you can really build your traffic and business up quickly.

TIP #1: An added bonus to a top notch automated system is one that has a solid company standing behind your traffic generating efforts so when your new people join, the company handles the whole process.

Yes, it sounds almost too good to be true, but our current program also has this in place, so we really only manage our traffic generation, and collect the commission checks from our sales.

That is the best definition of an automated system.

Traffic building can be the most tedious, frustrating or expensive part of any online start up. It can take a lot of time that you may not have when you are still tied to your day job.

However if you have that AUTOMATED internet sales system working for you, you can spend most of your time driving prospects to your SYSTEM. Then you can just set back and collect the profits.

This system can all be set up to work on auto-pilot, once you have your advertising in place... feeding your system.

Now keep in mind, you WILL have to do some work to learn to generate traffic.

You must learn to generate traffic whether it is this program or any other online.

Any program that claims you do nothing and the money rolls in...well we don't need to say much more do we?

We have the very best training system out there!

Check out the system we use in our top rated automated internet sales system by clicking the link that immediately follows. We did your homework for you, then all you need to do is plug into it!

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