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Auto Hits Machine

Auto Hits Machine is a software program designed to increase website traffic. The way Auto Hits Machine is supposed to work is by automatically placing text ads, newsletters, e-zine ads, banners, and newsletters in a giant data base which then brings a lot of hits to a site.

Auto Hits Machine has a lot of people wondering if it really will deliver as it claims to.

We have learned that many of who have tried Auto Hits Machine, that it works good initially, then it seems to stop as good. We are looking for more information on this to see why this is the case and to advise you further.

One thing we learned about traffic to a website is, sticking with the old tried and true methods seems to stand the must stand the test of time. What we mean is no matter what the search engines are doing, our traffic methods still work. We feel this is a more sure way to spend any money necessary to build traffic and have more assured results. We will report more on Auto Hits Machine as we learn more from users.

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