At Home America

At Home America Review was founded by sisters, Lisa Brandau (Pres.) and Becky Wright (CEO) who began with a company called Country Peddlers and Company of America back in 1986.

Since then and some 20 years later, they have continued helping stay at home Mom's become "Homestyle Specialists" selling a number of housewares. These include candles, body lotions, oils/mists, bedding, furniture and pottery.

At Home America offers,with the help of the internet a way to buy these products and the Independent salesperson a way to earn money running their at home business. An independent salesperson can make money via a website provided, catalogs as well as home parties.

Will you make good money with this system? My wife has been involved in a number of such businesses and I have left the house many times while a home party was being held (I could have stayed but preferred to provide another spot for another potential customer :) ) The key to success in any of these business I feel is the products must be of good quality, people must want them, and there must be a good marketing plan and support.Otherwise as in any business start up, if the sales aren't happening, you might lose focus and "fail".

My recommendation is get a sample of the products....possibly a catalog. Show it around and see if your friends would have interest in the products. I did this with my Mom once, and I was disappointed in her negative views of another product line I was researching. However, she was correct and probably saved me tons in trying to sell stuff that even she, who gets at least a dozen catalogs in the mail weekly (sorry Mom), would not buy.

At Home America has a lengthy business run time and a good profit plan with an ability to work from home. Just be careful on the internet marketing aspect. The internet requires certain efforts to get traffic to your site; make sure any business offering includes a solid plan to get this traffic. Call me if you need an opinion on any internet marketing system and I will let you know if it has merit or not.

At Home America has products, consultants to help,and clearance items that could jump start your business.

After testing and reviewing hundreds of different business opportunities and money making programs, ONLY ONE was easy for new members to COPY the system and see results. Click here to go to the website.