Assemble Product at Home

I would like to find a legitimate company that really will pay someone to assemble product at home and make you a decent wage.

With my technical background I looked for this type of home business as I thought it might be one way to make extra cash, and if I or my wife or children worked hard at it, it might even make us a full time income. A family business if you will.

All I found in assemble product at home business opportunities was programs where you buy their introductory package of information at maybe $19.95, $29.95, or $39.95. This was for jewelry, wooden chairs, all kinds of crazy things. At the end all I saw was these companies selling their "informational packages". The products weren't that great, and it was up to you to market them. Marketing with little or no support can be tough to learn and costly too.

If anyone out there has found a legitimate way to make money via an assemble product at home opportunity, please let me know and I will gladly list a revised opinion on this. The concept sounds so viable, there has to be something out there for those that are good with assembly and tools that could offer such a service to companies and assemble their items at home.

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