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Arbonne International

This company Arbonne International is located in Irvine and Aliso Viejo, California, and in business since 1980. Arbonne International is a Pure Swiss Skin Care, Aromatherapy, Cosmetic and Nutrition company.

Their products are formulated with herbal-botanical ingredients. They proudly boast the fact that they don't use mineral oil, petrolatum or animal by-products.

Arbonne has a line of products called aromassentials, in which they market as natural products for your mind, body and spirit.

The products are formulated in Switzerland and made in the United States.

Arbonne International is now considered a competitor of Avon and Mary Kay cosmetics.

Arbonne International reached sales of $35 million in retail last year, up by 28 percent over the previous year according to Success magazine.

ARBONNE'S product line includes well over 300 products such as Anti-Aging Systems, Men's Health, Aromatherapy,Acne Fighting System, Baby Care, Hormone Balancing Creams, skin care systems for all skin types, color line, and a weight loss program.

Arbonne's skin care products are botanically based, hypoallergeinc, dermatologist tested and naturally fragranced. The company is an active proponent of recyclable packaging, and their products are not tested on animals or have any animal or human by products.

When you receive your consultant ID, you earn 35% of all your sales . Arbonne also has a white Mercedes Benz program and commission on people you sponsor.

When joining as a distributor, you get your choice of two "Starter Kits". For $29, you get a basic starter kit. They also offer something called the "Super Start" for $65 and it includes the basics plus more than 85 items and other products.

Arbonne International offers travel opportunities to it's distributors as well.

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