Anthony Robbins

This review site would not be complete without mention of this world renowned motivational guru. Mr. Anthony Robbins is one who practices what he teaches, and is a living example of following your dreams. Tony's positive thinking is what I think of most when I think of Tony Robbins.

Anthony Robbins can command huge fees to present his high energy, intense and driving message to corporate execs, conventions and just about anyone that wants to learn how to take control of their lives and command success.

What I like about Tony Robbins is to me he is one of the first to take this message of positive thinking to the masses, where he ranks along the likes of Dr. Norman Vincent Peale ( The author of The Power of Positive Thinking), Napoleon Hill, and Tupac Shakra to name a few. Not bad company to be listed with. When I think of positive thinking, I think Anthony Robbins.

Anthony Robbins can be given credit for taking these same positive, motivational thinking ideas and putting them into practical, organized step by step methods that the general public can make work for them. His teachings can help you improve your communication skills, improve relationships, change bad habits, and generally improve just about anything you are not seeing in your life as positive.

Tony Robbins has a lot of great motivational ideas and concepts. He has been flattered by being copied by many other similar speakers, and there are many courses, videos, books, that also spread the positive thinking ideals.I tend to see Anthony Robbijns as one who really catapulted this self improvement area to what it is today.

What we all need to remember though is this: If you are looking to make money on the internet, then surely being positive and motivated will help you succeed. However, if you don't have the right program to follow, that you know has been tested and proven, then you may end up a very positive, happy, and motivated, internet business owner that did not make any money. That would not be good. All the positive thinking in the world can't make a faulty program a winner. Please read on and see whaT I found to make the money I desired, and how that brought a huge grin to my face that even Mr. Tony Robbins would have to chuckle at :)

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