Anthony Morrison Review

Anthony Morrison is a hot name in the online marketing arena. I caught his infomercial on TV last night where he is promoting his "Advertising Profits From Home" book and system that costs $19.95.

Seems pretty low cost for a business that he claims can earn anyone who uses his techniques, to earn that $19.95 back in short order, then grow your income to hundreds, thousands and even up to $50,000 a month.

I would expect that the $19.95 is not all you need to grow your online business to that level. Just a proper autoresponder alone runs some $19.95 a month and you will need an autoresponder if you are serious about earning online.

Anthony's system includes a website that is at no extra cost to you- no hosting or other monthly charges.

He also offers a free book "The Hidden Millionaire" which is generally good stuff- part of learning online marketing and growing a business online includes "self improvement" and positive thinking type reading and belief.

Anthony Morrison offers a way to earn by you sending customers to other companies. You earn by sending them the customers. This is called CPA or cost per action. Does this work? Sure it does.

Will you be able to learn it and compete with the other people out there doing the same? Depends a lot on your desire to learn what Anthony teaches.

Included in the TV offer I saw was the ability to talk to Anthony once per month to "ask him anything".

Hmmm...that is good, but I have new people on my team, that I talk to daily to get them on the right track. They are just like you, average people that have the ability to learn...and they need this level of training. Not because it is difficult, but because there are really more than just a couple questions to ask your mentor/ I am not sure a once a month call will be enough for many of you.

The testimonials on the infomercial were very likely real people with real success. But as Anthony said several times in his TV spot: you must take action...this is not get took HIM 5 years to develop his system and skills....his brother built his business to $50,000/month in 1.5 years. So that all is very true and realistic...I applaud him for telling that much as straight and real as he could.

You also get a DVD that is called 3 Steps to Profit where the steps to get going are outlined, so you can recover that $19.95 , which is always a great way to start new people in your them the money as they say...

On a side note, Anthony Morrison phoned a buddy of mine at one point. He was looking to partner up w/ him. Folks, thats how all this can work...if you stay persistent and keep building your traffic and prospect base you will soon see a full time or more income.

The only thing I would suggest you do if Anthony Morrison's info isn't your thing, is look to grow a long term residual income...residual income online is the takes time and advertising money to make one sale why not make that one sale, but get paid over and over.

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