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   Amazing Selling Machine Reviews  is the program and Jason Katzenback and Matt Clark the creators of the Amazing Selling Machine say you need no real presence online, THAT IS NOT COMPLETELY TRUE.

It seems lately the "only" way people seem to think they can make money online is by selling stuff on ebay, and in this case getting the products from Amazon then reselling them at a small profit margin. The Amazing Selling Machine without a doubt works. The videos that introduce you to their product offer have some good tips on how to research what to sell and how to make best profits but it isn't necessarily that easy.

How do I know this? I have a buddy that has sold stuff on ebay for years. I told him about all these new online make money programs that say to just copy an Amazon ad and paste it at Ebay, then set back and make a lot of money and he laughed. Well, we didn't exactly laugh, he tested what I said and he found a few things that may interest you:

1. It takes nearly a full time effort daily to make anywhere near full time income.It isnt post a few ads and make big bucks.

2. You do need to study and research your market to find the items that sell. Then be sure to not have the price suddenly get changed by Amazon where you may lose your profit margin! It has happened to a few.

3. You probably do need some additional online presence to really market your items and business. This seems true of every program we ever tested or were in. You need massive efforts to see massive results. If it were too easy, it would soon get flooded and no oen would make any money. So look to get yourself a blog with your name or business name on it to promote YOU.

Amazing Selling Machine appears to sell for $3500 or so from what we see. This can be worth it, if you do plan to dig in and really learn this business.Too many folks don't reaize the time and efforts and learning curve in any online business.

Matt and Jason do a nice job of marketing themselves and the Amazing Selling Machine including free software that seems to work.

They are marketing as they do to have this massive exposure we mentioned above.

<p>If you are not able to market like that, you can surely earn some extra cash with reselling Amazon items. Be prepared to work hard to make the big incomes.

This is why we like our residual income business the last 4 years.

We don't earn a lot from each sale, but we sell a viable product, that every online marketer needs, and many keep their accounts so our income grows RESIDUALLY....and we earn a nice commission check each month. In our 4th year as of 4/14, we have had over 20,000 people join our downline at one time or the other and we have many sales being made at our 4th and 5th levels earning is nice residual commissions.

Earning on Amazon is not residual per se' BUT here's a TIP. as you do make sales, keep your customers emails and info and keep in touch with them so you may offer them other items down the road..then you would add a nice residual touch to your Amazing Selling Machine program.

Hope this was helpful.

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