AGM International

AGM International has a website at Here they offer a home based business where they sell you an internet mall website. This website will cost you anywhere from $1000 up to as much as $20000.

A colleague reported to us that his AGM International website business did not go so well as there wasn't the online support as he expected per their advertisement.

There are other posts on various sites stating others felt AGM International did not live up to their advertisement.

Folks, it is not uncommon to not get paid from some online programs, as these companies sometime run into issues out of their control and they usually resolve them.Sometimes people in programs online fail at everything they "try"...then blame the programs and post poor comments at forums. So careful what you read and trust as fact. Many people looking for a way to earn online believe they will get rich overnight for doing little to no work. Do you think any business works this way? If they did, we'd all be there would we not? Traffic is the key to success online...most never understand how traffic works and never see their business get off the ground.

One thing you may see as you look further into AGM International, is the idea is to also sell memberships. That is an OK thing however even membership sites will have people quit so you need to constantly keep sending new prospects to your site.

We prefer a business where our success is dependent on our efforts and not have to rely on selling others (memberships) and then hoping they all stay in the business. We do that very nicely with this website. You could do the same so you may want to look at AGM International and do your own due dilligence.

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