Agel is a Network Marketing Company that is claimed to be a giant in the industry. The ad we noticed and brought our attention to Agel was one with Randy Gage in the picture. randy Gage is a well known marketing success and we have a review on him elsewhere on this site.

Agel has a product that is revolutionary and utilizes new suspension gel technology. It had claims of people losing weight, getting off medications, and offering general improvement in wellness.

In addition they have a compensation plan that we are currently researching, and includes claims of making $30,000 monthly. Another claims to be making over $4000 after 7 months- that we would see as realistic possibility.

We have not had success at any MLM oriented company we were involved in. There are however new ways to use the internet to grow your business so there are such possibilities.

Our review of Agel is not complete but wanted to offer you this snippet of information as the opportunity may be right for you. Agel and other Network Marketing companies were never anything we had much success with but we do have success with the following:

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