Advantage Conferences

Advantage Conferences is an educational products marketing company that is a privately owned LLC, which was founded in June 2003 by Tim Darnell. This compnay has the following as its purpose: to distribute positive personal development, inspirational, instructional and motivational materials into the marketplace aiming to improve their customers lives.

The Advantage Conference Business system is designed carefully to make you money. The Millionaire Mindset Income Producing System was introduced in the Advantage Conference System. This method is an automated system that is effective at bringing in strong cash flow on a very regular basis.

The Advantage Conference products are available through the independent Advantage Conference representatives.The products include The Brilliant Business Collection, Your Virtual Vault, The Quarterly Teaching Series, and The Messenger.

The uniqueness of the Advantage Conference product is in the commission where you are paied $7000.00 commission for each transaction. The Advantage Conference marketing system which is exclusive, located thousands of interested candidates for you. It also handles delivery of all they need to know about AC without you having to say a single word to anyone.

The transactions are finalized by the Advantage Conference professional and is done for you. All you really need is your own personal belief in yourself, ability to follow instructions, your own resourcefullness and the desire to get your business going quickly.

The Advantage Conference system is not MLM, and has the genuine possibility of you making $7000.00 in a long term way. You can work part or full time. The claim is previous marketing or sales experience is not needed woth Advantage Conferences.

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