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We recently tested Adlandpro to see if their free advertising worked. Adlandpro was referred to is as a way to get free traffic using their free advertising posting service.

Adlandpro was also mentioned that it was one site that actually did produce good results.

Our results were not so good. Let me explain further. We only posted a few ads. In internet marketing, you need to maybe post like 20 ads a day if you want to see results. So our "test" wasmaybe not totally "fair".

Also, as soon as we signed up we were referred to various ways to use "paid" advertising to get better results. Of course, one would realize that most free advertising systems often have a paid program that is where the real money is made. We did not try the paid service yet.

Adlandpro also had a nice e-mail followup where they tutored you their services, how to ge your ad campaign rolling, etc.

Our conclusion is this probably works and can generate free traffic to you if you work it properly. To get the real traffic, you may need paid services.

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