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Hello and welcome to Business Reviews 4 You!  My name is Stan Tomaszewski. I have always wanted to have my own online business so I started this website to pursue my goals.

Here is my Story:

At the end of this page I will offer some secrets to why my #1 program since March 2010 is the very best out there.

I am a license Professional Engineer, and have worked as a supervisor, manager in various manufacturing companies for nearly 30 years.

In this profession, I work very long hours. Although I earn good income , I quickly realized that if I stopped working today, my income will stop.That is why I started looking for a way to make residual income online.

Of course I had no skills whatsoever, so like so many have done online, I spent a lot of money joining from program to program to help me earn $$$ online

Just Like most people, I was told to buy Leads, surf traffic exchanges, send ads to free SAFE-LISTS, made 100s of cold calls, made a list of family and friends.None of those work and I am sure you can also identify with me. I became frustrated but never Gave up because I knew anyone can make money online if they had the right skills , system and a Coach.

I was fortunate to in my first online program find the guy that showed me some pay per click (ppc) techniques using this exact website. It was one of the best traffic methods I have learned in my 4 years online.

One problem I had though was when I would sell ANY online program to a customer, they were rarely ever able to develop their own traffic, and most would fail.

This is not because I could not teach them, but because many traffic methods are NOT immediate, NOT easy to DUPLICATE, and take time to build up. Examples: article writing, youtube videos,pay per click using this review website, forum posting, facebook, and other social methods. NONE of these are instant traffic- and for sure not enough traffic to quit your day job in a couple weeks!

I was determined to find the perfect program that anyone could just plug into, COPY some simple DUPLICATEABLE traffic method and make sales without doing all that phone calling, cold calling, lead calling , and all those things that many of us (my self included) do not like to do or just don't have the time to do or the "sales" personality to do.

To become an engineer I had to go to school to learn the right skills. And even now ,I have to attend continuing education to maintain my Engineering license. I know welders, electricians,nurses, and other tradespeople that also keep up with their craft by attending skills training.

So It is no different with making money online.There are no short cuts in life.That is why I developed this online business Review website to help you sort through the different business opportunities online , and to teach you what it takes to be successful.

So heres what I came up with:

Your Success Online =Your Skills x Your Action.

Let's Say You Have Zero Skill ===> Your Success = 0 x Action =0

What if you Have Lots Of Skills and Put no action to it .From our simple equation your success =0

Forget about all the hype and Lies on the internet. You are Told to do Nothing , Push the button , Retire in 10 weeks.

These are all Unrealistic claims that has left many frustrated and disappointed.

If you are ready to go to work, then you will achieve success. Remember Your Success=Your Skills x Your Action.

These are the 5 Simple steps I use :


2.Build Your List -By Using an auto-responder(very important) Click Here for my Recommended Autoresponder

3.Learn to Get Traffic To your Site-Learn how to use List Builders , You-tube , SEO-Search Engines and Traffic-swarm, Video-marketing, PPC, etc Click here for my recommended list builders- these are very DUPLICATEABLE- just COPY and PASTE.

4. Must Have a Solid System to Duplicate- My Home Biz Builder

This system will Increase your marketing Skills.-This is for both Newbies and Advance Marketers

5. Here's a taste of the training I will provide; one on one: Online Marketing Free Training

If you do not grow You will die . This applies to everything in life.

Here is My Philosophy in Life:

Help Other People to get What they want in Life And you will get yours.

Be Patient and Persistent and You will Be successful.

There are no shortcuts in life .

To Our Ultimate Success,

Stan Tomaszewski


"If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want And copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results." -- Anthony Robbins

SECRETS to why our top program is one of the best to START a home business online.Some of this may not make sense to you now but it will once you make your first sale:

1. The low cost and 7 day free trial results in faster conversions to a sale. Generally the higher the cost, the more people YOU need to advertise to , to see a sale. This means your first sale will come sooner than other more costly programs. Many fail waiting for their first sale- they think they joined another bogus offer. Fact is they didn't advertise enough!

2. People join us and stay active for many reasons beyond starting a home based business. They keep the domain/hosting services, they use the domain for other reasons than selling the program. This all adds up to RETENTION of downline and your RESIDUAL INCOME.

3. It's a 12+ year old program; anything under 2 years can close up show leaving you with a lot of effort and w/o a business.JOIN long term programs.

4. We see our teams DUPLICATE down 5 levels of downline. Whether they are actively running this business OR just sharing the services. Either way our RESIDUAL INCOME grows.

5. RESIDUAL INCOME. I would not suggest anyone join anthing online that does not offer a residual income..why work to make a sale/commission one time? Work smart: make one sale, but get paid over and over.

6. The above will not happen unless you are willing to COPY exactly what we tell you, be coachable, ASK questions to learn, WORK hard to build your business. If you expect instant "get rich" schemes- please do not join us. Those don't exist, and they only prey on those that do not understand the truth about how to market online. Hope this was helpful.

After testing and reviewing hundreds of different business opportunities and money making programs, ONLY ONE worked well so the average person could see results. Click here to go to the website.