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An Internet Home Based Business With No Selling? Yeah right!

       by Stan Tomaszewski


Have you seen all these ads lately promoting internet home based business opportunities where they claim you do NO selling, NO closing of sales, NO explaining the business, NO bugging the heck out of friends and family?

Then they claim you will not experience rejection,not make phone calls, and that their system does all the work for you. Is this believable? Is it even possible?

Well, yes and no.

Good answer, right? I really explained internet business opportunities for you so it is clear as mud?

Ok, I will explain the truth about such advertisements and I base this on my own experience promoting exactly this type of program.

First picture yourself at your home computer running your automatic online business. Your job as work at home internet marketer is to find your prospects and bring them to your website or "opt in page". Most of these programs of late use an opt in page to capture your name and e-mail address.

Now you go to your trusty marketing resource that you got when you joined your program and you place an ad.

Your ad is targeted to people looking for online or internet home based business opportunities. Keep in mind this is your ONE key step in this process- your days work if you will.

This ad then is seen by many people looking for your type of internet based business and because of your well crafted ad, many people will click on your ad and within the ad they will see your link to your "opt in page".

They then click on your opt in link and again if your system is well designed to draw prospects, they will read your information, listen to your audio, or watch your informative movie on your program.

Their contact information also goes to your autoresponder all automatically- there's that word again- and they are sent an e-mail asking for their permission to receive more of your preloaded e-mails, telling them more about your automatic business.

These email messages are written again to inform, and also slowly close your prospect to make a sale. The key is having well written and sales converting emails. Ask me more on this off line and I will explain how my system works.

It's actually a very simple concept, but writing those emails is the "hard" part. BUT, what if you are given the exact emails that others who are making money are using? Hmmmm...starting to sound pretty automatic if you ask me.

Your prospect can opt out at any time, and many do because your information may not be what they were looking for. However many will keep reading your messages. This is where your prospects are further filtered and sorted so that the ones that really want YOUR program will soon buy.

Statistics say somewhere around email message 5 to 7 is when most will decide to purchase. This is just a stat that has been determined explaining how we make purchases. Most of us take 5-7 exposures to the product before we buy.

So after starting with say 100 opt ins, over the course of a week or so, a certain number of them dropped out, but one of them decides to order!!

So lets recap...what "work" did you do? Did you sell, call, answer the phone, bug anyone? All you did to start this in motion is place that ad.

Ok, let me tell you the real truth on this. This type of internet home based business opportunity for the most part will do most of the sorting, filtering, and closing of your prospects. You may get calls from a few, but hey whats a couple calls when most of your sales are really made by the ingenious marketing system that you purchased.

One other note. There is a seemingly endless supply of prospects looking for a way to earn money on the internet.

You will never run out of customers, and once you get your ads, opt in page, email autoresponder and most important your payment page and buy buttons where your prospects become paid members set up, this really can be quite automatic.

Remember you are looking for your customers by placing those ads that direct them to your business.

Oh yeah, you do need to log in to your payment centers to see how much money you made :) And you do need to help your customers learn your automatic prospect churning, filtering, sales closing system.

The key to success in this system if you are new, is to get a proven marketing system, proven opt in pages, proven emails, and well priced product that will appeal to the masses and is affordable. You also need some starting advertising budget although you can do free things like article marketing to get some initial (free) traffic.

I hope this took some of the mystery out of internet work at home business opportunities. This kind of internet business opportunity really eliminates a lot of why most people fail in online marketing. Some of these programs even market your opt in page and close sales for you! Now that's what I call automatic.

To your success!


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