If you are looking for a website hosting compnay with a residual income possibility along with access to a "Plug-in-profit" website where you can make sales on products, then Host4Profit may be for you.

There is a monthly fee of $24.95 for their services. We feel this may be on the high side as we pay $10 a month for our hosting of our sites.

They also have access to a members forum where it is claimed you can get all kinds of help, make deals and general good information.

The residual income potential for Host4Profit is where you may refer others to this site and you will make $10 on each referal. Residual income is the only way to go online; work once and build so your pay comes in month after month. You would be surprised at how fast even $10 per account can add up. Our top program pate minimum $1 per account and it grows nicely.

The Host4Profit site also has access to The Warrior Group which is a private marketing association that has members worldwide. Names such as Mark Joyner, Jonathon Mizel, Ken Varga, and Paul Hartunian to name a few are members; these folk surely are some bigger hitters.

The Host4Profit site seems pricy for the hosting. The Warrior Group is not anything unique to this site as well. If all you need is hosting and web services, there may be others that are better priced. The package that Host4Profit offers may be just what you are looking for, and if so, the cost may be justified.So check them out well and as we always suggest, give them a call or email to do YOUR due dilligence on them or any program before you join.

Becoming a Host4Profit affiliate may be just perfect for you if you feel their support is what works for you.

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