Auto-surf programs are out there everywhere it seems. They sound like a simple idea to make money. 12DailyPro was one of them. Currently 12DailyPro is in a bad position, with fraud charges against 12dailypro.com aledging they collected some $50 million dollars from several thousand members around the world. It is being viewed a large Ponzi scheme.

With 12DailyPro you could start with as little as $6 or close to $6000. The more you invest the more you can make.

Personally I tried some auto surfing ideas when I was just starting in this business and it did make money. You do need to be careful of this type of program as if there is any sign of an "internal" problem it doesn't take much for that to escalate into everyone panicing and trying to get their money out. You can imagine the outcome to that.

My vote would be you'd be better off running your own website, selling a reputable "niche" product, that you know has a track record for being profitable. All you would need is the website, product, and some guideance, which I can pass along to you as was passed on to me. Sounds a little too simple, but if you aren't afraid of a little effort/work you can make it happen!

12DailyPro like many other auto surf programs can work for some of you; I know of some people that run several computers at one time surfing like there's no tomorrow.I just see there is a better way that once you are established, the money will keep rolling in.Try to avoid the "Get Rich Quick" schemes. I haven't found one yet that "works" but we do have some that do earn legitimately and nicely.

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